3.1 “Prince of the Internet”

3.1 “Prince of the Internet”

Would you trust Albert Kirchner to raise your child? Would you trust this child to raise the Internet? In the horrible future, nine-year-old Brian Comcast III is used to getting whatever he wants. But things change when his wealthy father brings in the Executive Nanny–an expert in shaping behavior of someday-powerful children.

Season 3 has arrived with a blazing enthusiasm that cannot be denied! (Don’t deny it. I warned you!) Our new format puts a full story in each episode, and I hope you will love this kickoff episode.

Music/Sfx: Machine Court Theme by Rich Vreeland, In A Vat by Erik Hermansen and Jon Sonnenberg, all other songs from royalty-free music providers. Sound effects provided from various authors under Creative Commons license (Freesound attribution page).

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