3.3 “The Phineas Maneuver”

3.3 “The Phineas Maneuver”

Special guest Rachel Walls has her morality removed with a precision lobotomy. In this roleplaying exercise, we put Rachel in a variety of situations that require her to take reprehensible actions, like sell a SmartCar to a family of six or literally take candy from a baby. Hear the sad story of Bobby Jo Grimes, a passionate man, dedicated to love, with one tragic flaw that Rachel could not overlook. Also, enjoy a two minute history lesson on the real life misfortunes of one Phineas Gage, who became an influential case study for psychologists.

Music/Sfx: Machine Court Theme by Rich Vreeland, In A Vat by Erik Hermansen and Jon Sonnenberg, all other songs from royalty-free music providers. Sound effects provided from various authors under Creative Commons license (Freesound attribution page).

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