Machine Court animated.

Machine Court animated.

I am working with Bettina Throckmorton to put together an animated version of Machine Court. Characters from the earlier seasons like Spogey and Mr. Stomps will return in walking, talking form. And instead of an audio podcast, we will release video.

It is early days, but already we’re busy with character designs and the creation of an animation engine that renders with a mixture of 2D and 3D art. The engine will let us create episodes quickly in a cheap but interesting style. I’m using my past experience as a game developer and artist to put this together, and relying on Bettina’s impressive animation and character design chops.

For A/V geeks, I’ve attached an image of the animation pipeline.

I know some listeners are going to be bummed that the podcast isn’t releasing new episodes. But remember… Machine Court isn’t gone, and nobody’s taking a break. I’m so damn hardcore about this. You don’t even know!


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