Animation Update

Animation Update

It occurs to me that I’ve been posting updates everywhere else on the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) but my own website. And in those places, it’s been 140-characters-or-less blurbs that don’t explain much.

We’ve made a lot of progress, actually.

  • Created an art style that combines 3D models with 2D animation.
  • Bettina made a full rig for one of the characters, Spogey. (Regular podcast listeners will remember Spogey.)
  • This character’s movements can be controlled and recorded inside of a machinema engine. (Unity3D with a bunch of custom code I wrote.)
  • Wrote and recorded a script for a 4-minute short animation.
  • Started character design for the next character, Mr. Stomps.

We’ll continue animating and coding til its done. Some new people are joining the project soon, to be announced.

What? You don’t care about all that, and just want to see videos? Okay, that’s fine…


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