The Machine Court Podcast

The Machine Court Podcast

“The Machine Court team of actors and writers excels at creating fantastically surreal and inventive worlds for their guests to navigate” -Onion AV Club

Machine Court is a sci-fi comedy podcast produced by Seespace Labs that ran from 2012 to 2013, releasing 68 episodes, each about a half hour in length. Each weekly episode is a scripted audio drama exploring the theme of humans coping with new technology in a future gone wrong. Episodes were written by Erik Hermansen and Mark Arenz in a wacky, satirical style. We brought in a regular cast to record on a bi-weekly schedule, and this is how we honed our preferred “one big studio” style of recording. In addition to the cast, the show had frequent guests (writers, standup comics, improv actors) that gave us a great sampling of creative talent local to Seattle.

The show went on hiatus in order to create an animated video version with many of the same characters from the podcast. This work is ongoing, and we’ll post updates as news becomes available.

If you’d like to check out Machine Court, you can find a selection of episodes here. NSFW: Please be warned that the show contains swearing and other adult content. (It’s at about a “South Park” level of offensiveness.)

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