Featured Actors 1/11/2016

Featured Actors 1/11/2016

On Monday, January 11th we will have Dray James and Siyence McGhee available to record at our studio as featured actors. Listen to their demos below to get a good idea of the talent and skill we can apply to your project.

What do we mean by “featured actors”?

Basically, it’s an opportunity for you to pay less by scheduling your recording project to use actors who will be at our studio on this date. Seespace Labs differs from other voice studios and recording options in that we have our actors physically present at our studio to record, as opposed to recording from their homes or some remote location. It takes a little more effort on our part to make this happen, but there are several advantages to our “in-house” recording approach:

  • Consistent recording environment – we use the same microphones, treated rooms, and professional equipment for every project.
  • Audio engineer (not the actor) monitors technical quality of recording and handles any processing or editing tasks
  • Director ensures best performance of actors, providing valuable independent ear
  • Ability to record multi-part dialogue with all actors in same room
  • Ability to arrange onsite client visits during recording
  • Easier for us to find great actors (we don’t need to find actors that also have a professional home recording environment, so our selection criteria can be focused on their voice and acting ability)

For all these reasons, we believe recording with actors in-studio is the best solution for almost every project. Combining in-studio recording with our scheduling of featured actors means that even if you have a small amount of lines to record, you can still get a great price on recording. In other words, the actor is already coming to the studio to record, so we just efficiently add your script to whatever else this actor will record during the session.

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