Demo: Audio Drama Horror

This short horror story explores the thoughts of an unsettling man talking to his psychiatrist. There’s an interesting twist that works particularly well in an audio drama.

What is audio drama? It’s just a story told with audio. But unlike a conventional audiobook, the story can be conveyed with music, sound effects, and full acting–not just narration of prose. The form was first popularized in the first radio programs, and has been evolving ever since then. We love audio drama, and have been creating it for years.

For more audio drama and works by Jack Ward, we recommend you visit his website,

Credits: Written by Jack J. Ward with revisions by Shannon Hilchie and Andrew Dorfman. Voice acting by Dray James (main character) and Ray Stewart (the doctor). Audio processing by Terrance Robinson. Music, foley, and editing by Ray Stewart. Directed by Siyence McGhee.


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