Full Indie Vancouver

Full Indie Vancouver

You hear “indie game developer meetup” and picture a table of geeks quietly piddling on their laptops. But no, the Full Indie event in Vancouver was a boisterous pub packed with at least 200 people, with lighting, sound system, scheduled speakers, Twitch feed, etc. I was amazed at how built-up the event was. I met a few talent scouts from publishers jotting down info on games that were being demoed. Most of the games I looked at had teams working on them, as opposed to solo designers, and looked very professional.

Like The Tower from Interdimensional Games…

Or Eon Altar from Flying Helmet…

I rushed around the room trying to find people I had planned to talk to. Saw some demos. Met some friendly people. Heard 75% of what they said. (IT WAS LOUD!)

The Vancouver indie scene is powerful, to be sure.

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