Demo: Seven Actors Screaming

Screaming is hard on the vocal chords. And it’s hard to capture it well—the recording space has to be well-treated, everything set up just right, and some extra retakes are likely needed. Turn down the volume a little, click “play” above, and treat yourself to the death screams of seven talented actors.

And those actors are (in order of scream): Siyence McGhee, Ryan Miller, Allison Lizotte, Dray James, Chelsea Marie Binta, Gavin Sakae McLean, Atticus Wiman—all available for recording work.

So our strategy is to record a script of common action sounds found in video games, including screaming, injuries, running, muscle exertion, and many more. There are 35 different cues with distinct levels and durations. Then we have our actors record these generic scripts so they are available for multiple projects and clients.

This is not to say that generic sounds should be used in all situations. But we might be able to more easily give you the throat-breakers like “3-second death scream” without charging for extra session time. Or you might find our general vocabulary of action sounds useful in planning out sound assets for your game. Send an email to and ask for the “action voice pack script”. We’ll give it to you for free.

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