Free voice acting for your game.

Free voice acting for your game.

We want an easy way to introduce ourselves to talented game developers and producers. So we came up with this offer to add our voice acting into your game for free. Our hope is that you enjoy the collaboration and invite us back to do more work for you.

The deal is simple and sweet.

1. We’ll record up to 100 words for your game with our excellent voice actors, delivering fully edited audio assets to put in your game.


2. In addition, we will promote your game on our website.

Also free!

3. All you have to do is make a video of your game that includes your requested voice audio and post it somewhere public like YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, etc.

You can make a quick gameplay demo, a dev journal, or whatever makes sense to you! And if you don’t feel comfortable using the audio you’ve received from us, we will let you off the hook for making the video.

We’re not doing this forever, and we can’t do it for everybody that asks. So we’ll favor requests from devs whose games look really cool and are close to completion.


If you’re interested, send an email to with subject “free voice acting”. Inside the email, either describe your game, including screenshots or video. Or just give us a link to the same kind of information. This offer is not available to people or companies with whom we’ve already recorded.

Seespace Labs is a voice acting studio specializing in character dialogue for games and animation. Our talented and trusted team of actors in Seattle are available to record on your project. Check out our demo reels section to hear how good our actors are.

Let’s get some voices in your game!

-Erik Hermansen
Producer, Seespace Labs

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