Demo: Horror FPS

Take a walk with Mike, a security guard making his rounds in a creepy warehouse. Who is Rhoda? What is Rhoda? This is us trying our hand at the horror FPS genre, which is a type of game that really benefits from good vocals and sound design. So much of what you feel comes from the audio. If you are putting together a horror game, we definitely want to talk to you!

There are no jump scares or startling moments in the video. It’s pretty unsettling, but you should be able to hold a mug of hot coffee safely while watching.

The inhuman cries of Rhoda came from Siyence McGhee who is only sometimes beastly. There’s a big advantage over making creature noises from scratch instead of relying on stock noises: the creature can express different reactions that fit the environment. Listen closely, and you’ll hear Rhoda howl, snarl, and whimper. All of this is done by making pitch-shift and other adjustments to an actor’s performance.

Actors: Gavin Sakae McLean, Siyence McGhee

Sound effects: Carnegie Mellon University popoverIcon

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