Seespace Labs is different.

Seespace Labs is different.

There are so many options out there for recording voice. Why would you choose us? We don’t try to do everything for everybody, but are instead offering services in line with our unique strengths:


We focus on character dialogue, and getting the interactions between multiple characters right. Our group of trusted actors aren’t just people with great voices. They’ve spent time on stage or in other creative efforts getting an audience to emotionally respond. Whatever comedic or dramatic moments you want in your production, we can bring it.

One Big Studio

Our actors come in to the studio to record, as opposed to recording from home. Every recording session uses the same space and equipment. A director ensures quality of performance with an independent ear. An audio engineer performs the editing and QA process for delivering consistent audio.

Where this approach truly shines is recording scripts with multiple parts. We have actors recording in the same room together, and it makes a huge difference in getting a natural performance without complex editing and extra pick-up sessions.

Creative Possibilities

You can be in the room with us at our recording space in downtown Seattle. Or Skype in, if you want. Meet your cast and crew, and provide your guidance.

We’ve got people that kill at improv! You can give us imaginary situations to roleplay against, e.g. “you just discovered the house is on fire.” Then let us virtually write a script for you with actors ad-libbing on the microphone. This can be an amazingly efficient way to create content for games quickly, particularly with a main character that makes many small comments in response to in-game events.

Software-Savvy Project Integration

We’re particularly well-suited to games and animation, with management experience coming from the software industry. We understand branching (interactive) dialogue. You can describe game engine requirements that allow us to provide drop-in audio assets. We can look at your overall goals for a cut scene or interactive dialogue, and make suggestions for the performance. For larger projects, we can provide access to an issue tracking website that keeps you up-to-date on project status.

You may want to just send us a script and get some audio files back. No problem–that’s the usual arrangement! But if you want a closer integration with your project, we are ready to work together.

We’re Different

We’re interested in finding that extra display of genius in a performance. It’s not enough to hand over correct and high-quality recordings to you. We want to not only meet your requirements, but to give you something special. When you hear our work on your project, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.

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