Machine Court

Click on the player underneath for the latest episode of Machine Court. You can find the last 24 episodes here. Or you can get all of them as a Premium Subscriber. Each episode of Machine Court tells a science fiction story with a studio guest roleplaying as the main character. According to Machine Court, the future will be horrible and ridiculous.

More episodes can be found in the podcast episode list. Look for new ones every other monday. If that’s not often enough for you, then good news… we have a premium subscription that will get you an episode every frigging week!

7 Responses to Machine Court

  • Hi Erik,

    So awesome things went well this past weekend. And I really like the idea of continuing this idea; it’s unlike anything else out there, and I really dig that.
    Keep me in mind for doing some more work like this. I loved being a part of it, and it’s such a rad project!

    Best to you, and some well deserved rest ahead for you,


  • Thanks, Bettina! Your backgrounds looked great on the big screens, by the way.


  • Congratulations Erik!!!! and good luck for this new project. Thank you for all.

  • Sebastian, thanks! I appreciate the good work you did to help out.

  • We likely need to talk… 😉 you said nothing about the 1999 cockroaches…. that and i also havent seen the movie Titanic…

  • we do have a copy here should you like me to ship up a copy of that and Nightshift…

  • Dude, I have 2013 cockroaches. They spit on the ’99 roaches. I’m glad you have NOT seen the movie Titanic. That will improve your life.

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