Machine Court

Click on the player underneath for the latest episode of Machine Court. You can find the last 24 episodes here. Each episode of Machine Court tells a science fiction story with a studio guest roleplaying as the main character. According to Machine Court, the future will be horrible and ridiculous.


7 Responses to Machine Court

  • Hi Erik,

    So awesome things went well this past weekend. And I really like the idea of continuing this idea; it’s unlike anything else out there, and I really dig that.
    Keep me in mind for doing some more work like this. I loved being a part of it, and it’s such a rad project!

    Best to you, and some well deserved rest ahead for you,


  • Thanks, Bettina! Your backgrounds looked great on the big screens, by the way.


  • Congratulations Erik!!!! and good luck for this new project. Thank you for all.

  • Sebastian, thanks! I appreciate the good work you did to help out.

  • We likely need to talk… 😉 you said nothing about the 1999 cockroaches…. that and i also havent seen the movie Titanic…

  • we do have a copy here should you like me to ship up a copy of that and Nightshift…

  • Dude, I have 2013 cockroaches. They spit on the ’99 roaches. I’m glad you have NOT seen the movie Titanic. That will improve your life.

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