Cartoon Mumbler Voice Pack – Volume 1


Over 135 audio clips to quickly get your characters in games or animation talking in a cute cartoonish style. Unity sample project included as a separate, free download.


Product Description

This is a collection of audio clips that quickly get your characters in games or animation talking in a cute cartoonish style. The “mumble” technique for character speech has been used in popular video games like The Sims or Lego Star Wars. Our voice pack works great for RPGs, adventures, interactive novels, or basically any game or animation where you’ve got a character speaking.

This voice pack includes over 135 audio clips covering 27 different speaking moods with 5 variations for each. You can entertainingly depict any situation in a story. The audio clips together make up a consistent emotional vocabulary for just one character. However, you can use pitch-shifting and other processing effects to get more than one character voice from the same audio clips.

From this website, you can purchase a downloadable archive containing a full set of high quality audio clips in 16-bit 44.1kHz WAV file format, and you will also have access to source files for example projects in supported game engines. But if you are using a specific game engine, you may be interested in purchasing via one of the engine-specific web stores below so that the voice pack imports more easily into your project:

  • Unity Asset Store (requires Unity software)
  • Unreal Marketplace (coming soon, requires Unreal Engine software)

Not using one of those game engines? Then it doesn’t matter–just get the standalone voice pack right here.

The video below plays audio clips from the voice pack and shows how it can be used in conjunction with an animated character. The software shown is available in the Unity version of the voice pack.