Voice Recording

Rates are mainly dependent on word count and the actors you’d like to use. Contact us, and we can provide a quote based on your needs. As an example, a 1000-word script with one actor would typically be close to $200. We beat most competitor’s rates and pride ourselves on flexibility in finding solutions for different budgets.

By default, we include the following services with our recordings:

  • Review and processing of audio for quality assurance
  • Removal of any non-performance audio from the session
  • Delivery of audio files to you via a Dropbox link. By default, we deliver in 16-bit, 44.1kHz mono WAV file format, but can accommodate other formats at your request.

Other services (please ask if you need these or other editing/delivery services):

  • Chopping into clip files, e.g. one WAV file per script line.
  • Pacing edits/synchronization (optimizing the pauses during line delivery, artificially adjusting speed, synchronizing dialogue to match another source)
  • Special effects, e.g. echoes, robot voices, pitch-shifting
  • Delivery of audio files by other means (e.g. FTP server, burnt to CD and shipped to you)

The Process

Here are the typical steps for delivering a great voice performance to you:

  1. You send us your script, description of the part needed, and optionally, names of actors you are interested in using.
  2. We send you audition recordings for the part.
  3. You tell us who you’d like to cast and provide payment.
  4. We commit to a delivery date and record with the actor in a scheduled session.
  5. We edit and deliver the final audio to you via a Dropbox link.

You can decide after hearing the auditions if you want to continue with us, and pay nothing if you don’t. Audition recordings we send to you are not intended for use outside of your evaluation, and are “watermarked” to avoid inappropriate use.

Next Steps

Please contact us by email at info@seespacelabs.com and tell us your needs. We’ll be wanting to know word count and some info about the parts you want to cast. Or just say “hello,” and we’ll take it from there.