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The Questioner
(bad photo from 2009)

You may have seen questions posted on the blog here or elsewhere and wondered what they were for. Let me introduce you to my friend, the Questioner, and what he has to offer. Read on…

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I am prepared to ask you several questions. I would do this in the service of Machine Court, to judge you, and by extension, humanity overall. Perhaps you would enjoy being questioned by me.

My questions are along the themes of ethics, technology, and awkward situations. Questions like…

    • If you could press a button, and kill all the mosquitos in the world, would you do it?
    • If you were slightly hungry, and a stranger offered you a banana, would you take it?
    • If you had seventeen puppies, and it was necessary to get rid of all but one, how would you choose which puppy to keep?

You can record your spoken answers for potential inclusion on the Machine Court Podcast. A podcast, if you don’t know, is just an audio program that is put on the Internet for people to hear.

The answers you give will be reviewed for the Machine Court podcast, and we will use what we can. Note that due to some mature content, you must be at least 18 years old to participate.

Beginning is easy. Just go to the latest question I’ve asked and follow instructions there. You are also welcome to email me at:

-The Questioner