When you give us a script to record, you can also request translation of that script to other languages. For games, it’s common to have voice audio in English, but inside of a game, show subtitles in other languages such as Spanish, French, or German.

We’ve partnered with VIP Group Bulgaria to provide translation services. Their translators specialize in localization for games, and complete translation work reliably, asking questions as needed to remove ambiguity. If you’ve already hired us to record voices, we’ll conveniently know the intended meaning of your lines with all of their nuances discovered during the recording process. We can reuse that knowledge to guide the translation effort for you, saving you time interacting with translators.

The translated text can be delivered to you in the XML-based XLIFF format, our LIPZ format for character animation, or customized to a resource format used by your game. We are experts at converting between text formats used in screenplays, translation, or in-game assets, and can work out a painless process for translation with you.